<a href="http://patialashahi.in/panner-tikka/"><b>Panner Tikka</b></a><p>Mouth Watering Paneer Tikka</p> <a href="http://patialashahi.in/tandoori-chicken/"><b>Tandoori Chicken</b></a><p>Everyone’s favorite!</p> <a href="http://patialashahi.in/poodina-chicken/"><b>Poodina Chicken</b></a><p>Try our famous Poodina Chicken today 🙂</p>
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6 / 25 /201305:20 AM
Poodina Chicken

Try our famous Poodina Chicken today 🙂

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6 / 25 /201304:53 AM
Tandoori Chicken

Everyone’s favorite!

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4 / 29 /201307:13 PM
Panner Tikka

Mouth Watering Paneer Tikka

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